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DiskGenius (old PartitionGuru) – is a very useful, easy to use application specially designed to offer users a partition management and data recovery software. In addition to partition management functions such as creating, deleting, formatting partitions, it also provides more powerful functions like recovering lost files, recovering lost partitions, clone partition to image file, partition clone, disk clone, quick partition etc.

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DiskGenius Professional with Crack

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DiskGenius Professional WinPE

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  • Partition HDD Rapidly: Quickly partition/repartition a hard drive, SSD or USB drive into multiple partitions via simple steps to separate OS from user data or configure dual-boot on your computer.
  • Wipe HDD/Partition: Permanently and completely erase all data stored on the hard drive or partition so that data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software or experts.
  • Migrate Windows OS: Transfer the existing installation of Windows to a new HDD or SSD, including system files, personalized settings, installed applications, and data without reinstallation.
  • Image Hard Drive: Create a complete and exact copy of the disk and store everything into an image file. All files, partitions and boot sectors will be contained within the image file.
  • Check HDD/SSD Health: It can provide valuable insights into the health of your hard drives, external hard drives or SSDs by viewing the S.M.A.R.T. attributes or checking bad sectors.
  • Lost Partition Recovery: Recover deleted or lost partitions and then restore partitions to partition table. This feature also supports to recover lost BitLocker or Ext4/3/2 partitions.
  • RAW Drive Recovery
    Quickly identify and recover all possible data from a partition that has become corrupted or changed to RAW format without scanning the entire drive.
  • Windows Storage Spaces: Detect and recognize Windows Storage Pools, displaying both Storage Spaces and member disks, facilitating the recovery of lost files or partitions.
  • RAID Data Recovery: Create a virtual RAID to emulate the real one and recover data without affecting original devices. Support RAID 0, RAID 4, RAID 5, JBOD and nested RAID.
  • Read Ext4/3/2 in Windows: In DiskGenius, you can achieve read and write access to Ext4/3/2 drives and perform various tasks, like create, format, resize, recover, or clone an Ext4/3/2 partition.
  • Access BitLocker Drive: DiskGenius can unlock BitLocker drives and access data, even when the version of Windows running on your computer does not support BitLocker features.
  • Access LVM2 in Windows: Open volume groups and logical volumes managed by Linux LVM2 (single or multiple disks), write files to LVM volumes, recover lost data, resize partition on a single PV, etc.
  • Hexadecimal Editor: The built-in hex editor is helpful in low-level data editing and data recovery, for example, recover lost files from corrupted drives, recover lost partitions, etc.
  • Write Data to Virtual Disks: Support to create and open .vhd, .vmdk, .vdi or .hdd virtual disk files, as well as write data to these virtual disks without the need to run a virtual machine.
  • Write Data to Hidden Partitions: Read or store files and information on a hidden partition which is not readily visible through Windows File Explorer or Disk Management.
  • Convert Virtual Disk Format: Convert virtual disk formats among .vmdk, .vdi, .vhd, and .hdd without running the virtual machine or causing any data loss during the conversion process.
  • Set Disk Geometry: Temporarily set disk geometry such as sector size, headers, sectors per track, cylinders, and total sectors, to assist in the analysis of disk partition data structure.


  • The “Search for Lost Partitions” feature provides “Automatic” and “Advanced” modes to improve operational convenience.
  • The “Construct Virtual RAID” feature adds support for RAID6, RAID1, and RAID10, improves the support for RAID5, and enhances the ability to read disks with bad sectors.
  • Supports reading Storage Spaces in RAID6 format, including reading after one disk is damaged.
  • Supports copying EFS-encrypted files in NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems.
  • EFS-encrypted files are supported when recovering data from FAT32 and exFAT partitions.
  • Supports encryption attributes of folders in FAT32 and exFAT file systems.

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