TunePat Amazon Music Converter 2.8.4 with Crack

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TunePat Amazon Music Converter is a professional Amazon Music tool that is able to download and save songs from Amazon Music Unlimited to a local PC for offline listening. Besides, it also works for Amazon Prime Music. Though Amazon Music Unlimited, with its large music library and lower cost, is an ideal platform to listen to music, the downside of it is that its songs can only be accessed and played within the Amazon Music app.

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TunePat Amazon Music Converter with Crack

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Size: 118.1 MB

  • TunePat Amazon Music Converter:
    • Download Songs from Amazon Music Unlimited & Prime Music.
    • Convert Amazon songs, albums, and playlists to MP3, AAC, WAV, or FLAC.
    • Keep ID3 tags after conversion.
    • No need to install the Amazon Music app.
    • Free updates & technical support.
  • Convert Amazon Music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC: TunePat Amazon Music Converter is developed to convert Amazon songs, albums, and playlists to common MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC format with excellent output quality, keeping ID3 tags after conversion. With the help of the program, you can easily get Amazon Music downloads, enjoy them with various media players and transfer them to your MP3 players, car players, iPhone, and more.
  • Get Amazon Music Downloaded in High Quality: A good program should be time-efficient. With no need to install the Amazon Music app, TunePat Amazon Music Converter runs much more fluently than other competitors. Currently, TunePat Amazon Music Converter supports converting Amazon songs from the embedded web player while the output audio quality is ensured.
  • Keep ID3 Tags after Conversion: Tag info is important to a lot of music lovers. TunePat Amazon Music Converter is able to keep ID3 tags such as Title, Artist, Artwork, Album, Track Number, and more after conversion. Besides, the program enables you to sort out the converted files by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist or simply save all the songs under the same folder.

TunePat Amazon Music Converter

  • Fix the conversion failure issue.

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49 thoughts on “TunePat Amazon Music Converter 2.8.4 with Crack”

  1. I trust that hopefully soon Hax will be able to provide a cracked 2.6.4, Seems like Tunepat has made it so you can’t pass 20% using 2.6.3, the new 2.6.4 update says that the 20% problem is rectified although it wasn’t a problem before so we know it’s Tune themselves that did it. Oh well.

  2. Hax, could you answer my last message and help me with a solution of that Tunepat done something to avoid the crack the program. Please put a solution here. Thanks.

    • There is no problem with the Patch, you just apply the patch and enjoy πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the comment πŸ™‚

  3. Hax, seems that Tunepat done something to avoid to crack the program. I’m not achieving more to crack the program… The DLL file “register wrapper disappeared and now appears a folder called “Patch” with Tunepat Netfilx inside of it! Please put a solution to this here!

  4. Hi Hax! There’s an error with the file inside of link to download Tunepat Amazon Music Converter. The DLL file “register wrapper ” disappeared… There’s a patch of Tunepat Netflix inside of this file… Please fix this error with your file! Thanks.

  5. To anyone who’s still unable to pass the “outdated browser” screen, it seems Tunepat has blocked any Amazon account that isn’t registered in their database, this update 2.2.3 works but just not with any account that you used with the crack before, it actually works with any new Amazon account signed in with this version 2.2.3 of the program.

  6. it now more shows as trial version but doesn’t go beyound amazon muic login. Just keeps showing “clock here to login” and that doesn’t disappear

  7. Hi Hax!

    Tunepat changed the way of to crack the program… I’m sure that they do this to avoid to crack the program. I’m not achieving more to crack the program…

    Always appear a boring message that an update of plugin (hotfix) is available… I update this plugin and after i do the crack, but is not more possible to crack it…

    PLEASE, help me!!!

  8. Unfortunately the new version of Tunepat Amazon released in last week, the version 2.2.2 is not working… I use the free version. And i believe that is not working too in paid version.

    I choose an album to download and nothing happens… Try to download, but not downloads nothing… Stay loading and loading, and nothing happens!!!

    I have 240 MB of internet, is a internet with a very high speed.

    Always that i open Tunepat Amazon appears a boring message:

    “An update of plugin is available: Tunepat Amazon Music Converter needs to restart to work properly. Restart Now? Ok or More Later”

  9. Hi Hax!

    Could you update Tunepat Amazon Music Converter to the version 2.1.0, released today? Thanx for your hard work!

  10. Hi Hax!

    Please update Amazon Music Converter to the version 2.0.0, released today! Thanks in advance and keep the good work in your blog!

  11. Hi Hax!

    I’ve done all the steps to crack the program, but isn’t cracking… Are in test version… Please, help me to crack this program correctly!

  12. Hi seems Amazon changed the user interface for Music Unlimited & 1.4.2 doesn’t want to work no matter what I try, the DL button is unclickable.

  13. any way you can unlock the audio quality for hiRes Sound Quality – High-Resolution Audio’s bitrate (9,216 kbps vs 320Kbps vs 128Kbps vs 192Kbps – supportz

    thanks for the dll.

  14. Shit is fake. All the website spreading the same fake ass link. Stop spreading this shit. It’s fake. I tried it and never got passed cracking it. It only crashed my internet.