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Made for producers who can tell the difference It’s that magic moment again. You hear a song on the radio and you just can’t wait to sample or remix it. True inspiration. With ACID Pro, you will be able to sketch that idea and turn it into a finished track faster than any other DAW.

What’s new?

  • ACID Morph Pads
  • Celemony Melodyne essential
  • Sidechaining (coming soon)
  • Transient detection in the MIDI Playable Chopper Remix Tool
  • New Instruments, effects, and ACIDized loops


  • Wide functionality: Use an unlimited number of loopbacks and MIDI tracks as the basis for your own compositions. VSTi software synthesizers allow you to create soundtracks with a surround sound effect and add sound to your videos.
  • Audio effects: Take advantage of increasing resonances, apply a decay effect, change EQ settings, and create your own audio effects with new automated parameter settings and level controls. ACID Pro contains new auto-applied effects (such as Resonant Filters, Track EQ, and Flange / Wah-Wah / Phase). ACID Pro also includes over 20 DirectX audio effects (including Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Flange, Noise Gate, Reverb, and many more).
  • Improved tools for working with materials in the MIDI format: ACID Pro allows you to view and edit MIDI files in a special window with an image of the synthesizer keyboard. The new MIDI file editor allows you to draw notes and greatly simplifies the graphical editing of MIDI fragment parameters. You will also be able to edit the messages of the Continuous Controller.
  • Support for Rewire technology: ACID PRO supports Rewire technology. You can use ACID with VSTi or ReWire software synthesizers, including Propellerhead’s Reason. Supported by this technology, you can stream audio materials in real-time, accurately synchronize music samples, and provide transfer of functionality between ACID and other applications compatible with this technology.



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MAGIX ACID Pro Suite Full Version Rar (413.4 MB) | Mirror

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