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Stardock Groupy tabbed interfaces have a long history now but just imagine what it would be like to have to open each new document or webpage in a new application instance. With that picture in mind, know that there are still software programs that do not feature a tabbed UI design, and one example is the default Windows text editor, Notepad.

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  • Merge opened windows into tabbed-based interfaces: Groupy is very intuitive to use. To group two windows together, you simply have to drag one on the other’s title bar. A grouping notification is displayed, and as soon as you release the mouse button, you will be able to see the generated tabbed interface, having each of the two applications displayed in a separate tab.
  • Instinctively manage tabs in the new window, just like in a browser: With Groupy you can manage running applications in a natural way, just like you would do with browser tabs. For instance, you can use the Win+~ key combination to switch between tabs in a quick manner. It’s also possible to move tabs around to rearrange them in a group or close tabs.
  • A worth-having productivity tool that groups opened windows: The utmost advantage of Groupy is that it offers a more organized workspace and eliminates the need to look for certain applications, to open or to close windows. It is, indeed, a very useful and cool application that is worth trying by any daily computer user.

Stardock Groupy

  • Small tweak for a possible crash if Groupy was turned off very quickly after being turned on.
  • If a window has a blank caption it will paint the close tab button correctly now
  • If a window is not responding it should no longer leave the group when moved. It cannot be resized though or added to a group
  • Tweaks that may address an issue with leftover tab bars on-screen in edge cases

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