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ReviverSoft InstallSafe

It was created to help you install any application with confidence. It monitors the installation of any application and tells you if other applications have been installed at the same time. It also tells you if the installation made changes to your browser settings. If anything unwanted is detected, InstallSafe allows you to revert these changes quickly and easily.


  • Install With Confidence: Now you can install any application and know that InstallSafe has got your back and will pick up on any unwanted changes to your computer.
  • Remove Unwanted Browser Add-Ons: InstallSafe allows you to scan for and remove Browser Add-Ons for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Annoyance Free: InstallSafe is designed to not get in the way. It only shows up when something needs attention and it’s also very light on system resources.


ReviverSoft InstallSafe

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ReviverSoft InstallSafe Full Version Rar (23.5 MB) | Mirror

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