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Postbox is a powerful application that aims to provide you with all the tools for keeping in touch with your friends and business partners. It can handle multiple email accounts and allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds in order to read the latest news.

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  • The Gmail integration allows you to organize your messages with labels and navigate through the messages by using native Gmail shortcuts. You can also use the conversation view in order to group the messages when you need to follow a certain discussion.
  • With the email indexing feature, the program helps you browse email attachments and images related to messages from a folder. You just need to switch to the attachments view, select the files and save them to your computer.
  • You can also use the application to subscribe to RSS feeds or to import your subscriptions from other programs such as Thunderbird. As for the email messages, the news articles can be filtered by using advanced rules in order to display the items that you need to read. Overall, Postbox is a useful email management tool that integrates multiple Gmail features and can be further improved by adding extensions.


  • Implemented change to use external browsers for OAuth2 authentications
  • Added the “Send Later” command (which drops messages into the Outbox instead of sending them immediately) to the Send button for newly composed messages

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