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PhoneRescue for Android covers literally all Android devices from SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, LG, Google, or any manufacturer in the market, PhoneRescue can always save you from any data disaster at the very first moment. It adopts customized technologies based on each specific phone and tablet, making sure you get back your lost data and files with the highest success rate.

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Size: 24.2 MB

  • The Most Reliable Android Data Recovery Tool Saves All Your Indispensable Data & Files:
    • Highest data recovery success rate in the industry
    • Retrieve messages, photos, contacts, and everything you need
    • The ONLY software that restores lost data directly to the phone
    • Find lost and hidden data on the device with or without root
    • A complete solution to recover WhatsApp data, even attachments
  • Every Mis-deleted Byte, Now Finds A Way Back to Your Phone: It’s so easy to mistakenly delete some important data without a backup. It may be a birthday message from your beloved ones or the contact of an important client. Now, PhoneRescue saves them all with one simple click. For the first time ever, you can restore data directly to your phone, just like they were never deleted. No more fear of mis-deleting important data, they can always find a way back, easily, and completely.
  • Dig Out Precious Files You Don’t Even Know: Your phone stores more of your precious data than you know – the video clips you once received in WhatsApp, or even the photos scattered in every corner of your device storage. PhoneRescue now digs all the way into your phone even without root, and brings these hidden or forgotten files back to you. Just feel free to select and save them to your computer, along with all the memories from the old days.
  • More Than Just Data, Even Save Your Locked Device: The lock screen is set to prevent prying eyes, but when you forget the password or your fingerprint is not able to unlock the screen after a restart, you are blocked, too. Whether your screen is locked with a password, pattern, or fingerprint, PhoneRescue safely removes them for you without losing any data. It requires no tech knowledge at all. With just one simple tap, you can get full access to your phone again. As we never peek into your device, all your personal data and files will remain confidential.
  • Incredible Power Has Never Been So Easy to Handle: Recovering lost data can be a complicated technical task, but PhoneRescue makes it as plain as a few clicks. With a clear interface and step-by-step wizard, even your non-techy grandparents can recover their lost messages, photos, contacts, and more data in minutes, all by themselves.

PhoneRescue for Android

  • Fixed some minor bugs.

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