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IOTransfer Pro transfers apps, photos, music, videos, podcasts, and ebooks to and from your iOS device, with this useful and intuitive application. If you own an iPhone, you probably know how difficult it is to transfer files between your device and a Windows PC. While Apple does provide you with software and a cloud service to help you out, many wish they had a simpler way to copy files to and from their iOS devices.

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Size: 92.1 MB

  • The sleek, modern interface that features a minimalistic UI: If you like applications that keep things simple, IOTransfer’s visual design should be to your liking. There are no unnecessary interface elements, and its layout is clean and intuitive. Mind you, some users might have preferred a brighter color theme, but, sadly, no alternatives are available.
  • Transfer files between your iOS device and PC easily: When launching IOTransfer for the first time, the application should detect your iPhone immediately, provided it is connected to your PC, and iTunes is installed on your system. The program displays all the apps, photos, songs, videos, podcasts, and ebooks stored on your device, and you can copy any of them on your computer.
  • Simple-to-use management utility for your iOS device: While IOTransfer, as its name suggests, is primarily designed to help you transfer files, it also allows you to search for specific items on your iOS device and delete unnecessary files. Overall, this is a great program for iPhone, iPad, or iPod owners who are looking for an easier way to transfer data between their devices and Windows computers. It is very easy to use and features a minimalistic, intuitive interface.

IOTransfer Pro

  • Optimized video download process to adapt to the changes of YouTube
  • Enhanced the stability of transferring data between PC and iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Fixed known bugs

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