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Minicreo Fix My iPhone fixes your iPhone Stuck on the Apple logo, Black Screen, Frozen Screen, iTunes Update/Restore Errors, and more than 20 iOS 12 upgrade failures. This macOS desktop app offers a quick and instant solution to fix your iOS system issues without losing your iOS data, no matter whether your device is in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, or looping on start.

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Size: 36.4 MB

  • Troubleshoot Common iOS 14 Update Glitches:
    • When updating to iOS 14, restoring the iPhone from backup, or erasing an iPhone, you may find the Apple logo with a progress bar. Usually, it will move smoothly and won’t take too much time. However, if you found it’s in an endless loop, probably you’ve run into this iPhone stuck in Apple logo issue.
    • Fix My iPhone offers a quick and instant solution to fix your iOS 14 software issues without losing a single byte of your data, no matter your device is in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, iTunes restore errors, etc.
  • Instant Fixes on Frozen and Disabled iPhones
    • The amount of iOS 14 installation time depends on the number of files on the device and whether you’re erasing, updating, or upgrading your iOS. While in some rare cases, you may find your iPhone’s screen completely turns black.
    • No matter your iPhone gets stuck in DFU/Recovery Mode, or even when the device is disabled, or it is stuck on loading or circle with a black screen issue, Fix My iPhone can give you a specific diagnostic report as well as a full set of iPhone fixes and solutions.
  • Bring Top Solutions for Your iOS 14 Upgrade Problems:
    • Fix iPhone Apple Logo Stuck: Download and install the latest firmware package to fix the Apple logo stuck.
    • Fix iTunes Update/Restore Errors: Always push your device to the latest iOS firmware update so as to fix a variety of iTunes errors.
    • Fix iPhone Boot Loop: Bring quick fixes on Apple iPhone Boot Loop (BLoD) and other Power-Related issues.
    • Fix iPhone Frozen After Update: Whenever your iPhone screen turns frozen, Fix My iPhone can repair it quickly.
    • Exit Recovery Mode: Instantly exit Recovery mode whenever your iPhone gets stuck. Keeps your iOS data intact.
    • Fix iPhone Black Screen: Recover the iOS system back to normal and fix iPhone black screen issue.
  • Ease Up The Pain in iOS 14 Update Issues: Need to recover your iPhone from frozen, black screen, or Apple loop in hurry? Now it’s time to get Fix My iPhone on your computer, detect and download the latest iOS 14 firmware, verify your device, and initiate iOS 14 update at one go (Enter or Exit iPhone Recovery Mode in one click).

Fix My iPhone

  • Supports iOS 14.6 Update and iPhone 12/12 Pro.
  • Fully Capable with iOS 14.6 and Adopted for New iPhone Problems

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