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DU Meter is ann Internet usage monitor for your computer. It shows real-time graphs and can create reports and alerts based on your downloads and uploads. DU Meter includes an extensive logging facility, a flexible events system, and more. DU Meter works with virtually all types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN, satellite, and more.

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DU Meter with Crack

Version: 8.05 | Size: 7.8 MB

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Version: 8.01.4827 | Size: 6.6 MB

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  • Get a grip on your network traffic: Have you ever found yourself wondering why some downloads seem to take an eternity to complete, or why your e-mail program seems to be stuck in the middle of e-mail retrieval. Is it really hanging, or maybe it’s just downloading a large e-mail attachment? DU Meter provides the answer to these and other mysteries, and can also alert you of dangerous or unexpected network activity.
  • DU Meter for parents and business managers: If you have teenage children or if you own or manage a small business, you already know how hard it is to enforce certain rules for network usage while respecting child’s or employees’ privacy. If you install DU Meter on your child’s or employee’s computer, you can configure it to report back to you via email when monthly or weekly network traffic exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Is your “unlimited” Internet really unlimited?: Many Internet users believe their “unlimited” account lets them surf the Internet, send large email attachments, and download as many movies and songs as they choose. However, it is well documented by the media that many Internet Service Providers, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, do in fact set definite usage limits, even though they may advertise to the contrary.

DU Meter

  • Windows 11 is now a supported operating system for DU Meter.
  • Windows Server 2022 and 2019 are now supported as well.
  • Support for high-DPI displays (4K resolution and larger).
  • Numerous smaller bug fixes and improvements.

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