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VideoProc Vlogger is an intuitive and capable video editing software for all creators. Make cinematic videos for everyday creativity, special moments, or fun. VideoProc Vlogger is free and safe to use, without limits and a watermark. Let’s make cinematic videos with thousands of other content creators now!

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Size: 155.1 MB

Visualized Speed Ramping – Control Speed Like a Pro: Change video speed constantly or variably, and liven up your videos with speed ramping. Alter the tone and tempo of your GoPro/DJI footage. Let ordinary videos have focuses and upsurges.

  • 20+ Speed Presets: Create ups and downs to the beat or the mood. Just click and apply.
  • Flexible Bezier Curves: Create speed changes for sports videos, action videos, and travel vlogs.
  • Automatic Keyframes: Speed up or slow down any parts of a video flexibly without splitting into segments.

Motion Effect for Videos and Photos – Create Camera Movements: Even beginners can create cinematic camera movements like Tilt, Roll, Dolly, and Truck easily. Add push-in/out and close-up shots to vlogs through presets. Stylize your videos with shakes, fast zooms, and rotation. Every video and photo can have new motion trails!

  • 28 Motion Presets: Imitate camera movements, as if the footage was shot in that way.
  • Motion Crop: Dynamic cropping and reframing made easier than ever.
  • Pan & Zoom: Create ken burns effect, add life to static images or DJI shots.
  • Change Motion Path: Adjust rotation angle, frame size and smooth transition speed.

Color Grading & Color Correction: 3D LUTs & filters for quick color editing. Make your 4K and HDR photos and videos look even better. Adjust HSL color values, exposure, contrast, saturation, and the like, weaving together a rich tapestry of color. Improve low light video, fix overexposure, reduce noise…

  • 3D LUTs & color filters for different styles
  • Quick yet pro-quality video color grading
  • Precise color correction and HSL secondary
  • Remove noise, fix grainy photos/images
  • Support RAW files and LOG footage

Studio-grade Audio Editing – Make Videos Emotional: VideoProc Vlogger provides a visualized audiogram for precise audio editing and toning. The 3 audio analysis modes help you edit a video to the beat intelligently. The 10-band audio equalizer allows you to boost or attenuate any frequency bands at will. And you can apply different sound effects with one click.

VideoProc Vlogger

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