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UltraSearch Pro does not maintain an index that is stored on your hard disk but achieves its speed by working directly on the Master File Table (MFT) of the NTFS partitions. UltraSearch even identifies NTFS hard links.

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UltraSearch Pro with Crack

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Simply enter a file name or a pattern like *.exe and see the first results while you are still typing. In addition, UltraSearch supports regular expressions and will search file content.

Additional information like file size and file dates (last changes, last access and file creation) will be shown for all listed files. Naturally, the Explorer context menu is available inside UltraSearch

UltraSearch enables you to exclude folders, files or file types from searches via an exclude filter. The search results can be sorted according to different criteria, printed or exported as text, RTF, HTML, CSV, and Excel file.

Define file groups (such as movie files, text files etc.) and search for all file types the group contains. ?

The recently used search patterns can be saved and selected from a dropdown list. UltraSearch can suggest patterns or autocomplete manually entered patterns automatically.

UltraSearch can be started from the context menu of your Windows Explorer – starting a search within the selected directory could not be easier.

Use UltraSearch wherever you like thanks to the portable ZIP version.?


  • The search terms are now highlighted in color in the results list.
  • When searching for file content, the occurrences of the search terms are highlighted in color in the file preview on the right-hand side.
  • UltraSearch now recognizes specified search syntax properties such as size: or date: regardless of upper or lower case. Entries such as size: or date: are now also possible.
  • A problem when searching for file paths has been fixed. File paths containing spaces are now found correctly. The file paths must be enclosed in quotation marks. Alternatively, a path: can be placed before the path.
  • The title bar of the application interface now adapts correctly to the accent colors set in Windows.
  • Further small improvements have been made to the user interface.
  • Support for Windows 8.1 has been discontinued with this version.

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