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Stardock IconPackager is a desktop-enhancement utility that lets you change all the common icons used by Windows at once by applying “packages” of icons to them. You can download these packages at Web sites such as or create your own by replacing the icons of individual items on your computer one by one, then saving them as an icon package. It’s very easy to use and has thousands of icons available in packages on the Net.

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Stardock IconPackager with Crack

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Change individual file type icons. Enjoy the magic of icon packages that match your likes. Find more than a thousand icon packages at Customize the color of the icons. Mix and match icons for individual file types. Build your own icon sets with Package Builder!

  • Replace default Windows icons with icon packages
  • Change individual file-type icons
  • Recolor icon packages

Stardock IconPackager

  • Fix for upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators update where default icons were not showing in the config

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