PassFab for Excel with Crack

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PassFab for Excel

Excel Password Recovery. Instantly recover or remove the password in Excel Workbook with GPU Acceleration. Unprotect encrypted Excel workbooks, spreadsheets, or cells with a single click regardless of the password complexity.


  • Brute-force Attack: It attempts all possible combinations of passwords until the correct password is found. The password recovery engine is highly optimized, thus short passwords can be recovered immediately.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack: If you remember the password partially, you can set a mask with the mask symbols for those parts you can’t remember, it will help you effectively shorten the recovery time compared with a brute-force attack.
  • Dictionary Attack: Since many people use regular words or phrases for the password, performing a dictionary attack by trying each word from the dictionary will save you precious time.
  • Fast & Effective Multi-Core CPU and GPU Acceleration: Support multi-core CPU and GPU acceleration technology to speed up the recovery process efficiently. The more CPU cores you have, the faster the recovery speed you will enjoy.


PassFab for Excel

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